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dewater & ground controlDewatering and Ground water control
In the UAE and Gulf States, a high water table means groundwater lowering is necessary for nearly all construction and civil engineering projects. We’re the dewatering experts, delivering whatever you need to get the job done.

Building & Construction
Any problems or delays on your site can mean missed deadlines and financial penalties. With a high water table in so many areas across the UAE and Gulf States, you need a proven provider.

Water Companies
We have the best range, widest coverage and depth of expertise to meet the demands of the water industry, local municipalities and other service providers across the region.

Quarries & Mines
These are among the toughest environments in the world to work in, placing special demands on pumping equipment used and the people who deliver and service it. So you need to talk to the experts.

We have huge expertise in tunnelling applications, gained in the UAE and UK. Thanks to the breadth of our hire fleet and the skills of our people, we can deliver the most effective pumping schemes however tough the environment or location.

Manufacturing and processing are complex enough without having to worry about having access to the right pumps and services, as and when you need them. We help organisations succeed despite punishing production schedules, rising costs and changing market conditions.

Emergency Pumping Services
We have a superb success rate in responding to emergencies and, unlike other providers, can offer a genuine 24-hour call-out and pumps backup service.

Docks, Ports & Harbours
Complete end-to-end solutions for: load out, commissioning and decommissioning; cleaning and dredging; working in wet and dry docks; dock and harbour infrastructure work; fabricators and shipyards; and specialist heavy load requirements.

Refineries & Power Stations
We provide refineries, petrochemical facilities and power stations with the largest range of powerful and reliable pumps for hire – from regular activities and supporting general operations to emergency backup.

About Sykes Dewatering Dewatering LLC

Dewatering Pump Hire from Sykes Dewatering LLC

Sykes Dewatering are leaders in dewatering solutions in the Middle East.

As part of the same group as Khansaheb Sykes (in UAE), no other provider in Saudi Arabia can draw upon as much Middle Eastern expertise for professional services in deep well dewatering and groundwater control. With almost 40 years local experience in this field we offer reliable and professional services to our customers in Saudi Arabia.

As part of Andrews Sykes International, we also have a heritage of over 150 years – designing and building pumps to meet the most difficult pumping challenges. We also follow our group-wide standards for quality and professionalism in everything we do.

We offer immediate pump hire, installation of single stage & multi stage well pointing systems, deep well dewatering systems, diesel powered centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, submersible sewage pumps, medium and high head/high flow pumps, and a broad range of complementary dewatering accessories.

No matter what your pumping requirement, we will provide a reliable pump hire solution quickly and professionally.

Sykes Dewatering offers an unrivalled local dewatering solution – from initial soil testing services, dewatering system design, sourcing of local authority permissions, pump installations, on-site pump maintenance, and final withdrawal of the dewatering system. We also offer advice and support for an additional broad range of specialist pumping applications – such as pigging, district cooling, load outs, industrial waste pumping, sewage over-pumping.

As the Saudi Arabian market continues to expand and develop its vast infrastructure, Sykes Dewatering L.L.C. supports this development by offering a unique combination of specialist pumping services from pump equipment hire, dewatering consultation, and a complete dewatering hire solution.

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