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dewater & ground control
Ground Water Control and Dewatering
No other pump hire provider in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States can match the extensive experience of Sykes Dewatering in wellpoint dewatering and deep well groundwater control. With so many excavations reaching below the water table, our powerful diesel dewatering centrifugal pumps and deep well bore hole pumps and proven services, help you to control and remove subsurface water quickly and effectively.

Construction & Building Sector
In order to avoid construction site delays and potential financial penalties due to the high ground water levels found in Saudi Arabia, you need a proven and trusted dewatering partner.

Water Companies
Sykes Dewatering provides the broad pump hire range, regional coverage and specialist expertise to solve the challenging pumping problems faced by the water industry, local agencies and other water handling service providers across Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.

We provide a range of hire pumps and pump expertise to support a range of complex industrial and manufacturing processes - including petrochemicals. Whether it's for one off specialist processes, for waste management or for temporary cover for fixed pump installation repairs and maintenance, we have a range of pump hire solutions to assist you.

Emergency Pumping Services
We hold both national and regional stocks of hire pumps ready to serve a vast range of pumping emergencies. With our emergency pump expertise we can also help you to solve emergency problems quickly and efficiently. We have an outstanding reputation for our speed of response and the quality of our delivery.

Docks, Ports & Harbours
Sykes Dewatering provides the most reliable and durable Sykes pumps for hire and the most effective pumping systems adapted for docks, ports and harbour applications. Our Sykes hire pumps can handle almost every application from low to high head and high pressure applications, and are specifically designed for extended life service even when pumping corrosive seawater as well as the heaviest sludge and slurry materials.

Refineries & Power Stations
We provide a comprehensive range of powerful and reliable pumps for hire to petrochemical facilities, refineries and power stations - including specialist pumping services, pipe cleaning, sludge and slurry removal, and emergency backup.


Wellpoint Dewatering and Groundwater Control

No other provider in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States can match the extensive experience of Sykes Dewatering in wellpoint dewatering and deep well groundwater control. Equipment and dewatering services are available for immediate hire including Sykes auto priming centrifugal pumps, a range of bore hole deep well pumps as well and a full selection of dewatering accessories.

You may have the best-run site but, without efficient groundwater control, you can soon get bogged down in costly and difficult problems, with serious implications for the project and operator Health and Safety. That's where Sykes Dewatering Dewatering can support you and offer a professional yet cost effective dewatering solution.

With so many excavations reaching below the water table, our powerful diesel dewatering centrifugal pumps and deep well bore hole pumps and proven services, help you to control and remove subsurface water quickly and effectively. Sykes Dewatering Dewatering has more expertise in wellpoint dewatering, ground water control and general pump hire than any other provider in the region.

Our dewatering and ground water control capabilities have been tried-and-tested many times in the harsh Middle Eastern climate. Our Sykes dewatering pumps and deep well bore hole pumps are specifically adapted for the high saline water conditions found within the Middle East.

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Wellpointing Dewatering

Wellpoint dewatering is one of the most efficient, adaptable and consistent methods of ground water control available. We supply the complete groundwater control service: from site survey design and calculations (using our extensive knowledge of existing subsoil conditions), to recommending and installing the best possible ground water dewatering system. As standard, we install a number of wellpoints tubes 40mm to 60mm in diameter, screened by gravel, so the underground water is drawn down efficiently.

As standard, all our wellpointing dewatering pumps are fitted with high capacity vacuum pumps, allowing the maximum draw-down and highest number of wellpoints to be installed per pump. Both the Univac WP150/60 the GP150/60 high efficiency dewatering pumps are ideal as they are fully automatic self-priming dewatering pumps powered by either diesel or electric motors.

Wellpoint Dewatering Closed Ring Installation

For excavating below 7-9 metres in a water-bearing aquifer, a multi-stage wellpointing dewatering system can be installed.

Wellpoint Dewatering Progressive Line Installation

Designed for pipelines and other similar applications, a progressive or roll along dewatering approach is installed alongside the route, preceding excavation and pipe laying. Equipment from a previously completed and backfilled section is installed at the head of the line, removing the need for large quantities of equipment.

Wellpointing systems are used principally to lower groundwater levels around foundations ensuring stable working conditions are maintained. A closely spaced series of small-diameter shallow tubes (or wells) are connected to a common header pipe where a partial-vacuum is created. One Sykes high-efficiency vacuum dewatering pump can operate 100m length of wellpoints. For draw-downs greater than 6m, further stages of wellpoints are often installed at lower levels as the excavation progresses.

Wellpointing is particularly effective for moderate draw-down duties across a wide range of ground types from gravel through to fine sand as often found in the Middle East. Drilling installation may be required in coarse or hard soils but for much of the Middle East in sandy environments a more rapid and cost-effective wellpoint installation process is to jet in the well points using high-pressure water pump.

In addition to a more rapid alower cost installtion, jetting also encourages an improved hydraulic connection and allows the set up of a granular filter pack to enhance performance in stratified fine soils.

WellPoint Dewatering Systems

As the oldest practical method of dewatering dating back to the early 1920’s, the well point system has not conceptually changed since its inception. The basic components are a well point pump, which is connected to header pipes, which is are then connected to the well points themselves.

The intake end of the Sykes wellpoint pump is linked to a level header manifold, which runs alongside the excavation. The header pipe distributes the vacuum to a series of individual wellpoints and transfers the water lifted from these wellpoints to the Sykes pump. Wellpoints are long thin tubes constructed with a screen intake and usually a surrounded by a filter pack, drawing the water from the ground by the suction generated by the pump.

Wellpoints are generally small in diameter.

A wellpoint dewatering system can consist of several wellpoints, or hundreds of well points connected to a network of Sykes high vacuum priming pumps. This is a popular solution within the construction and dewatering industry.

Typically, wellpoints are installed around the perimeter of an excavation. They can also be installed within an excavation for deeper work or outside the excavation if excavation is relatively shallow.

Open Dewatering

An open dewatering is used in more cohesive and low permeable soils environments. The groundwater table is lowered table by pumping the water directly from sumps (ditches) along the toes of the slopes of the excavation works. The suction hose with strainer is simply placed in the sump and the collected water is automatically primed and discharged by the Sykes pump. The open dewatering system is therefore simple to install and operate. The open dewatering system utilizes self priming or vacuum assisted centrifugal pumps the Sykes WP & GP range of pumps are the perfect match also for this application.

Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint dewatering systems enable the groundwater table to be lowered for deep and large construction sites in high permeable soils. It is a proven and very flexible system within this environment. The water is pumped from wellpoints, installed along the perimeter of the site. The wellpoints are jetted in and spaced to obtain the optimal draw-down against lowest capacity. The wellpoints with integral strainers are then joined to transparent flexible hoses, which are connected by quick release couplers to the ring main header pipe.

The wellpoint dewatering system utilizes self-priming or vacuum assisted centrifugal pumps and the Sykes WP & GP range of pumps are again perfectly adapted for this application within the Middle East.

Deepwell Dewatering

When the water table needs to be lowered below 6 metres, or when conventional vertical Wellpointing in stages isn’t feasible, Sykes Dewatering can offer an economical Deep Well dewatering solution. A hole is bored from the surface level to a depth below that of the final excavation. A specially design well screen is then positioned into the hole and a submersible pump is then lowered into the well. Once the submersible pump is started the groundwater is lowered.

The Pumps that are used in deep well dewatering applications are often high efficiency, multistage, electro submersible units, with discharge heads of over 40 metres, this system can reduce groundwater levels for even the deepest of open excavations.

Deepwell Installation

Sykes Dewatering offer a full installation service for deep well applications, our highly experienced engineers will visit your site and by using soil analysis will advise you on the best solution for your dewatering requirement. We will advise on the depth of each well and also the quantity and positioning to ensure that the excavation remains dry through the project cycle. Once the system design has been approved our specialist drilling rigs will bore the holes in readiness for the well screen to be installed. The well screens are typically 200mm or 300mm in diameter and are joined together to provide the required length.

The wells are often surrounded with additional filter media to aid drainage and prevent fines from entering the system. Once the well has been flushed it is ready to have the borehole installed. The type and size of pump used will match each application. The pump is carefully lowered into the well where it is safely installed. Once again the depth at which the pump is installed will depend on the final depth of excavation, although the pump will always be installed away from the base of the well. The electric cable that Is fitted into the pump motor is taken up the well where it is connected to a power supply via one of our control panels.

Each control panel is normally fed from a mains distribution unit, which is supplied from a mains supply or generator. Sykes Dewatering can also provide the distribution unit generator, fuel tank and even provide a fuel management service throughout the project cycle. Each pump discharge is connected to a common discharge main by means of individual flexible hoses, non-return and isolating valves. When the system is commissioned a Sykes Dewatering technician will balance each well to ensure optimum performance.

Once the system is up and running our service continues, some of the larger sites will have a permanent Sykes Dewatering Operator on site 24 / 7 to ensure that the system is well maintained and operating at peak efficiency. Others may prefer periodic visits. Either way our emergency service is available 24/7 to provide an instant response to any unforeseen problems.

General Purpose Pumps
GP 50/75 GP 80 GP 100M GP 150M
GP 200M Jetting Pump WP 150

Our expert services are available on flexible terms, with pumps for long or short-term hire at competitive hire rates.

We offer:

  • 1. The largest range of pumps and ancillary equipment for hire
  • 2. Commitment to service diesel hire pumps every 14 days
  • 3. A fast and friendly service with pump hire coverage across Saudi Arabia
  • 4. Proven expertise on projects large and small
  • 5. Site surveys (free of charge) from knowledgeable pump specialists with dewatering experience
  • 6. Respect for Saudi Arabian environmental standards
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