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sykes GP 150m/25 pump

GP 150M General Purpose Pump

The GP 150M is the general purpose industry standard for Construction, Utilities and Civil Engineering.  Used wherever there’s a need for positive self - priming, the GP 150M incorporates the unique Sykes Univac vacuum system. This enables the pump to prime and re-prime fully automatically from dry. The GP 150M, is powered by a 20kw Lister engine. All Sykes General Purpose pumps are available with alternative engines, motors and chassis configurations.
What's it ideal for?

Clean and dirty water Site dewatering
Heaviest Sludge Quarries
Heaviest Slurry Waste water
Over pumping  
Pump performance

GP 150M. Max Head: 38.0 m. Max Flow: 90.0 l/s. Max Solid: 52mm. The GP150 M dimensions are H1,635 X W1,500 X L2,100mm and it weighs 1,133 kg excluding fuel
What's so good about it?

Hard wearing cast Iron parts Easy to tow
Corrosion resistant Hours of unattended operation
Available as a four wheeled trailer Automatic priming and re-priming
Available as skid mounted Compact and manoeuvrable
Available as a high speed road trailer Choice of engines
Easy maintenance Electric motor option
Download the full product spec - including fuel and accessory details. Get a free quotation here. The GP 150M is available on flexible terms for long or short-term hire at competitive rates