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sykes MH 100/150 pump

MH 100 Medium Head

The MH 100 is designed for all general purpose medium head applications and is ideally suited for open cast and quarrying applications. The carefully designed high efficiency impeller gives excellent head and flow characteristics coupled with the ability to handle some solids and is perfect for the most arduous applications involving higher heads.
What's it ideal for?

Clean and dirty water Open cast mines
Heavy Sludge Construction
Heavy Slurry Waste water
Pump performance

MH 100. Max Head: 82 m. Max Flow: 100 l/s. Max Solid: 25mm. The MH 100 dimensions are H1,800 X W1,100 X L2,600mm and it weighs 1,750 kg excluding fuel
What's so good about it?

Hard wearing cast iron construction Hours of unattended operation
Corrosion resistant Single point filter
Stainless steel impeller Skid mounted
Easy maintenance Automatic priming and re-priming
Download the full product spec - including fuel and accessory details. Get a free quotation here. The MH 100 is available on flexible terms for long or short-term hire at competitive rates