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Pumps range

General purpose pumps

For sustained performance and reliability, for all dewatering and general pumping applications, these pumps are hard to beat, handling everything from clean water to sludge. Our WP150 and GP150 pumps are the most popular units for hire and sale.

Electric submersibles

Pumpex units for dewatering, drainage and sludge are the best available. Fully portable, they provide hours of unattended operation.

Submersible borehole pumps

These powerful slim-line pumps are in their element underwater: easy to submerge, they deliver reliable high performance at great depths.

Super silenced

We have raised the bar in low-noise pumping without compromising on power, reliability and flexibility: noise levels are set at a maximum of 62 decibels at seven metres.

Telemetry Monitoring

The next ‘big thing’ in pumping, particularly for Deep Well projects: installing TM systems means we can provide you with more control, more reliability, less downtime and lower costs.

Custom built

Because we are part of the Andrews Sykes Group, we can build-to-order whatever you need for specific applications.

Sales and Accessories

Many pumpsets including groundwater equipment are available to buy. The range is backed up by an array of accessories including lay flat hoses, pipes and tubing, plus generators and cost-effective fuel supplies.

Super Silenced Pumps for Hire

Low-noise pump hire without effecting pump performance or efficiency: the Super Silenced Pumps from Sykes operate at exceptional low noise levels down to 58 dBA (at 7metres). Options also include remote monitoring and control with remote telemetry features.

Customer applications include: pumping jobs near residential or commercial areas, overpumping, water companies, local municipality works, emergency sewer repairs, building and construction sites, site dewatering, civil engineering – any pumping application where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

We offer:

  • The largest range of pumps and ancillary equipment for hire
  • Commitment to service diesel hire pumps every 14 days
  • A fast and friendly service with pump hire coverage across Saudi Arabia
  • Proven expertise on projects large and small
  • Site surveys (free of charge) from knowledgeable pump specialists with dewatering experience

Telemetry options:

This innovative Sykes feature allows our pumps to be monitored and controlled remotely by our expert staff. Regular updates of operating data received by mobile signal removes costly visits from engineers. Any maintenance or pump performance issues are detected by Sykes Dewatering immediately, often before our customer is aware there is a problem. We then action a solution for example – dispatch an engineer with correct spare parts and then inform our customer that we are on our way. Using this system means that any problems or downtime due to a failure in pump performance is minimised or avoided completely.

Super Silenced pumps

Our expert services are available on flexible terms, with pumps for long or short-term hire at competitive hire rates.

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